I'm Kelsey

I’m a west-michigan based photographer and educator. I believe tacos should be enjoyed any/all days (not just Tuesdays). I love all things creative but especially photography, interior design + making our house a home! Photography is my creative passion turned business - I couldn’t ask for a better job! (like HOW is this my JOB?!?)

A bit about me

My mom ALWAYS took photos of us kids growing up. I actually kinda hated it… we aren’t going to look back on some of those awful forced smiles of mine from age 8-12 sorry not sorry. Once high school came I realized that her cameras were kind of cool I started to make my friends model for me, and began taking some church-friend’s family photos. I eventually took over my mom’s camera as I went into college shooting alllll of the senior photos and my friend’s engagements.

I studied Interior Design and worked in that field for a few years. I soon discovered that the corporate life wasn’t for me. My creative outlet / side hustle of photography was growing like crazy and I knew I wanted to focus on my couples full time! I’ve grown this business over the last 6 years and honestly can’t believe it’s my job!

 I get to capture memories that will last a lifetime on my client’s most important days (and those days usually include dessert + a dance floor.. What could be better?!? ;). The art of the photo is such a deep passion of mine - capturing raw emotion and freezing these moments in time is like nothing else. The art is great and all, but my true love is for my clients and the friendships we’ve grown. 



I believe

My Approach

My Values

Joy is contagious! We all have some inside of us, and I believe if we all share just a pinch of it we can make this world a much better place. I want each one of my clients and students to walk away from an experience with me even more filled with joy than before. 


I love to get to know my photography clients personally! Sessions are WAY more fun with FRIENDS!! This bond will help us to truly capture your love and personality as if we’ve known each other for ages! We won’t capture stale, stiff, boring images. I want to capture your love authentically - sweetly snuggled up, adventuring through a park or just laughing your way through life. Your photos will emulate YOU.

My students are everything to me. We will get to know your dreams, goals and break them down together into tangible and actionable steps. I empower you to build a business around a life that you love while crushing your dreams and goals! 

In my business I value making people feel seen, heard and valued - whether it’s my clients on the other side of the lens, or my students learning from me.

I value excellence in all that I do. In this business I strive to create a unique and thoughtfully designed experience, superb product, and impactful encounters.

Relationships are so important to me. I don’t just show up to your event, take photos and peace out. You’re stuck with me ;). I’ll be your hype-girl, your time keeper, your hair fixer, and go grab you another glass of wine from the bar whenever you need it! 


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