Let's do this!


Let's do this!


YAYAY I’m already happy dancing over here at the thought of working with you! I’m so excited that you’re ready for a unique photography experience full of laughs, fun and some thrilling pics. I can’t wait to hear more about your wedding, your partner in crime, your bffs or your biz. Tell me alllll the fun facts and info below! I already know we’ll be besties!! 

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If you like what you see then I want to hear from you! Fill out the form below and i'll get back to you within 48 hours to chat next steps! Make sure to give me all the juicy deets so I can give you a really tailored quote.

Once I know what you're after, we can hop on a phone call to get to know each other more and give me the chance to ask you more specific questions about your special occassion. 

So we've had a chat and you're ready to make this thing official. Simply sign the contract, pay your deposit and get excited because you've just signed on to work with me! I'm already happy dancing in my  living room.  



Q: What the heck do I wear?!

The age old question ;). Choosing what to wear in photos that you'll look back on forever?! That's tough!!! I always recommend first looking through your own closet and finding something you feel like a hot mama in! Now if you're looking for a reason to shop til you drop, a photo shoot is not a bad excuse. Textures, neutrals and earth tones are what I find to photograph the best! The most important thing is to feel confident in what you choose - if you're distracted by your clothing during the shoot it will reflect in the photos because you won't be nearly as in-the-moment as you could be :). I have tons more to say on this topic - follow the links below!


Q: How do I get my photos back?

I will send ya a link to your online photo gallery! This gallery will allow you to download hi-res and web-sized images for all the printing / sharing that your heart desires! YOU own the photo rights, so you're free to print wherever you'd like! HOWEVER - my galleries are directly linked to top tier printers that have tons of options like high quality prints to books, metal prints, etc! This integrated print lab makes your life SO EASY! You'll be able to select what to order right from within your gallery!! I want to make printing as EASY as possible because getting those memories up on your wall is exactly what this is all about ;)


Q: Who chooses the photoshoot location?

The location we choose totally sets the tone for your photos! Are you guys more adventurous...city people... beach babes?! Feel free to bring any ideas! I will help us narrow down through my past shoot experiences as well as thinking about lighting/time of day etc. I have helpful location guides that help you think through ideas if you're local to West Michigan and have no idea what best fits you! If we're adventuring somewhere unfamiliar I'm happy to take any suggestions as well as do my homework by scouting out the perfect spots to showcase your love! I love this part of the process to be highly collaborative to make sure the photos are in a gorgeous spot that totally fits your personality!! :) 


Q: Will you help with my wedding timeline?

I LOVE to help my couples set up their wedding timeline. Weddings are my jam... I've seen sooo many different kinds. Some that have gone seamlessly, some that were a bit more stressful, some that were super unconventional and some that were mega traditional. I want you to benefit from my experience! As a photographer, I'm in the behind the scenes portion of wedding days from start to finish, so I've seen it ALL!!! I will help you figure out exactly what kind of a wedding day fits you best. We will work together to create a timeline to ensure your day is exactly what you dreamt it to be! Through coffee dates, questionnaires, and facetime chats over your engagement we will be the most dynamic wedding planning duo there ever was!!  


Q: I hate getting my photos taken...help!

FRIENDSSSS - I gotchu!! I promise you will not be left stranded in front of my camera to come up with tyra banks-like poses on your own!! ;) I totally get it, photo shoots are intimidating... heck, I even get a little nervous when I shoot my own content! My goal in a shoot is to make you forget we even took any photos! We'll be chatting, laughing, and werkkkin your stuff like the gorgeous people you are!! I have tons of prompts and actions that I'll direct you through to capture all the emotion and your beautiful faces. I always tell my clients to remember, these are YOUR photos- take risks and let that guard down... they're yours to share with the world or keep to yourself :) 


Q: Will you Photoshop me to lose 10 lbs?

Ok so I'm kinda kidding with this one, and I know you 'kinda' are too when you ask me to stretch the pics out... but FIRST OF ALL - you are perfect the way you are. Yup cheesy. Yup I said it. But it's true!!!  I won't make you skinner, or give you glossy not-natural skin, or remove your braces.... However, I know that I've had a weird breakout or bruise right before a shoot too. That's not fun to have distracting from the emotion of your photos. My policy is to edit out anything that wouldn't be there within a couple weeks. So, that bruise bc you hit your head on the cabinet last night, or the dumb zit that appeared smack dab on your forehead bc you stressed about what to wear for pics.... no prob, I gotchu, they gone.

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