Beach Engagement Photos at Tunnel Park Beach | Holland, MI

If you like dreamy sunset engagement photos, you’re going to LOVE Joscelyn + Mark’s romantic beach engagement photos in Holland, Michigan!!


man and woman embracing

Joscelyn & Mark’s sunset engagement photos


These two cuties are high school sweethearts who I had THE most fun with for their engagement photos!! Mark was so dang sweet to Jos the whole time, and their session really brought me back to when Malachi & I had our own engagement photos done. Don’t mind me getting emotional over here!


man and woman embracing on stairs


Joscelyn & Mark are alsoooo planning a super pretty boho wedding for this summer! It is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I can’t WAIT for the day to come to celebrate this sweet swet couple!!


About Tunnel Park Beach in Holland, MI


Tunnel Park Beach is suchhhh a stunning spot for beach engagement photos in the Holland area. There’s plenty to do at the beach, too, if you want to make a day out of your session + spend some time by the water! 


couple walking in tall grass


You can take a swim in the water, have a picnic with your fave finger foods, play volleyball in the sand, or just have a nice walk through the trails.


close up of woman embracing man


A few things to note about Tunnel Park:

  • It’s open from 7:00am-10:00pm
  • Make sure to pay the correct parking fees that are in place when you go
  • Dogs sadly aren’t permitted from May 1 to September 30, but in the fall/winter seasons make sure they’re leashed and that you pick up after them!


couple walking through tall grass


The pros + cons of beach engagement photos

Beach engagement photos are honestly some of my faves!! Here’s why:


couple walking on a shore


Pros of beach engagement photos:

  • VARIETY! You’ve got the sand, big logs, trees along the coastline, trails, tall grass, and obviously the lake!! There is soooo much you can do with beach engagement photos. You’ll always end up with a variety in your gallery.


couple embracing


  • Opportunities for fun activities! Beaches are so fun for doing activities with your partner! During your sesh: you can have a picnic, take a swim if it’s warm out, have a campfire, or just take a romantic sunset stroll in the sand. The possibilities are endless!


 couple embracing on a shore next to a beach


  • The playful, lighthearted vibe! When you’re taking photos at the beach with your babe, it’s honestly hard not to just frolick around & have a great time!! Beaches bring a lot of people so much calm and relaxation, so you can really just run around and have the best time ever.


couple standing in the water


Cons of beach engagement photos:

  • Crowds: One of the harder things about taking engagement photos on the beach is that often, beaches are crowdeddd with visitors + tourists. It can be hard to find an empty, open-enough spot so that you don’t have a ton of people in the background of all your photos! Sunrise is a great option for beach photos if it’s the busy summertime, since less people will be there. Or, going to the beach during the offseason will be way less crowded, even though it’ll be a bit chilly!


couple walking down the beach together


  • It’s not the cleanest: if you care a lot about your clothes & keeping them clean, beach photos mightttt not be for you! It’s likely your clothes will get sandy, dirty, wet, muddy, who knows. So don’t wear clothes that you’re not okay with getting a little messy!


couple walking on a hill

Beach + sunset engagement photo inspiration

Now let me give you some more beach engagement pic inspiration + some beautiful recent sunset engagement photos for more summertime inspo!!


couple holding hands on a beach



couple embracing on a beach couple standing on a beach couple holding hands on a beach with the water in the background couple walking on the beach couple holding hands on the beach


couple walking on a hill



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