How to Get Inspired & Stay Inspired

If you’re anything like the rest of us creatives, you’ve prooobably found it hard to stay inspired during the past year of this pandemic. I swear my most popular Google search last year was “how to get inspired” – yeahhh I know I’m not alone in that!

As creatives, we get in certain grooves, right? We get in the groove and feel inspired, get productive, and stay super motivated. Other times, we’re not in that at all and need a break, or feel burnt out. And for any of us who were feeling remotely in a groove last March, that got hit right in the face with COVID. 

Because of that, this past year has been a lot of CHANGE. Figuring out how to live our new “normal” lives. How to be on Zoom calls 24/7. How to work from home every day and stay sane. If you’re like me, you craved creativity and had to figure out new ways to keep that fire lit!

So let’s get into my top 4 tips on how to get inspired & stay inspired this coming year, no matter what it ends up looking like for you!


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1. Try something new!

Sure, this one may seem obvious. But it seriously does the trick if you commit to it! You’ve gotta ignite the excitement that comes with starting something new and fresh.

Trying something new is important in getting new parts of your brain movin’ and groovin’. For example, if you consistently do the same things and go through the same routine of working at home every day, you’re just stuck in that routine (whether you enjoy it or not). Try something new and focus your mind on something else – it’ll stimulate your brain in new ways and will give you something new to focus your mind & time on!


Here are some ideas of what you can try:

  • Learn to draw – find a series of Youtube videos that can teach you the basics of drawing!
  • Try a new workout class – again, Youtube is the place to go for this!
  • Learn how to knit – crafting is SO good for the soul and we don’t do it enough. Knitting can be super calming and gives your hands something to do, even while you watch TV or listen to a podcast!
  • Go biking – if the weather is nice where you’re at and you have a bike, start going on bike rides (even short ones!) to get your mind moving and to give you a good brain break throughout the day!
  • Listen to new podcasts – find a variety of podcasts to start listening to! Whether they relate to your personal life or your business, learning from/listening to new people talk about things you care about can be super beneficial.


Here are three websites with great lists of more new things for you to try!

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2. Try something old!

It mayyy seem counterintuitive, but trust me on this one!

What’s a hobby you LOVED back in middle or high school?

Personally, I loved drawing and painting! So the other week, I dug out the paint brushes and went to townnn. This got my creative juices flowing and I was then able to channel that energy into my work AND my life!

Think back to what you loved when you were younger – maybe it’s reading, painting, drawing, going on walks. . . reignite that spark!


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3. Switch up your space!

This is a HUGE one for me personally! After you work at the same spot for hours and hours every day, you may get tired of your space or be unmotivated.

Maybe all it takes is moving from your desk to your dining table, or from your table to your couch for a work session! A new view and space makes a HUGE difference!

Coffee shops are amazing for this (if COVID permits, obviously). If it’s boring working at home, switch it up and find a table at a coffee shop near you! The environment will make a huge difference.

You can also keep it simple and give your workspace a little refresh! Get a new plant, hang some new art, get a new candle or your fave essential oils going, etc. Make it a place that you’re EXCITED to be in – this makes work a destination you can’t wait to get to!


More ideas on how to switch up your workspace:


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4. Finally, MOVE YO BODY!!

You likely overlook this one easily and it oftennnn doesn’t sound like much fun! I love to start my day with a little workout or hit up the gym during my lunch break. I also love going in the early to mid afternoon, because that’s when I get really mehhh and my body starts to slow down (usually between 1-3pm). Get up and movin’ to get rid of that afternoon slump (or in the morning – try out different times of day and see what benefits you most!). By doing this, you get your blood flowing and get your ideas churning!!

Here are some easy, short workouts that you can do at home!



I hope you’re feelin’ motivated and excited to re-inspire yourself in this crazy world we’re living in! Good luck – you’ve got this!!


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