What is Honeybook?! Pricing, Features, & Why I Love It

Are you a biz owner wondering what the heck Honeybook is?! You’ve probably heard its praises from photographer after photographer – in Facebook groups, at workshops, on IG, etc. So today I’m going through all things Honeybook: pricing, features, why I love it, & more to help you decide if it’s right for you!


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First of all, what is Honeybook?


Honeybook = your actual lifesaver. Seriouslyyyy that’s as basic as I can describe it hahah!


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You’ve probably heard of a CRM before – that’s what Honeybook is! 

But what is a CRM?

A CRM is a client relationship management system that business owners use to manage, orgazine, and communicate with their clients.


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Here’s what Honeybook’s blog page describes the platform as:

“HoneyBook helps small businesses book more clients, manage projects and get paid—all in one place. With our business management software, you can automate your busy work and stay on top of all your to-dos, saving time and money so you can grow your business. It’s like your own personal assistant.”


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It’s basically an all-in-one system for you to manage EVERYTHING project or client-related in. Now let’s get into the specifics!


A big list of all of Honeybook’s features


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First, I just want to give you an overarching list of the features Honeybook offers! It’s a big list – but it’ll give you an overview of the platform + allow you to see just how MUCH it offers. Then, I’ll go more specifically into my fave features to use within Honeybook in my own biz!


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  • Project Organization

      Project names, dates, types/categorization

      Stages + statuses to show where each project is at

  • Contacts

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

  • Proposals

  • Questionnaires

  • Brochures

  • Gift cards

  • Packages

  • Contact forms/lead captures


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  • Email templates

  • Email signatures

  • Workflows + automation

  • Calendar

  • Meeting scheduler

  • To-do/task lists

  • Time tracker

  • COVID-19 toolkit (a lifesaver this past year)

  • Financial reports

  • Client payments + payment plans

  • Expense reports

  • Profit & loss reports

  • Batch emails

  • Customized client portals

  • Brand customization


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Told you it offers a lot, right?!


My four favorite + most used Honeybook features


Now let’s dive into my personal favorite + most used features in my Honeybook!


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  • Project organization


I absolutely LOVE having everything in one place: emails, contracts, files, questionnaires, invoices, proposals, & more! I don’t have to use one program for emails, one program for invoicing, another for forms, and another for contracts – nope, it’s ALLLLL in Honeybook. I only have to bookmark ONE site in my browser in order to access everything!


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The way Honeybook organizes your projects is like no other. You have a homepage/dashboard where you can see all of your projects in a list, and can quickly see the clients’ names, project date, project type, invoice information, project status, etc. 


HoneyBook dashboard



Then, you can go into each project and see all the specifics: your emails back and forth with the clients, any files you’ve shared with them (e.g. invoices + contracts), payments they’ve made + payment plans they’re on, and all the details about the project itself. Everything is completely organized in a way that’s easy + quick for you to access!!

honeybook projects

Projects Page


  • Integrated inquiry forms


Mkay so what the heck does “integrated inquiry forms” mean, Kels?!


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That means that you’re able to build an inquiry form, embed it into your website, and when somebody fills it out to inquire, Honeybook automatically creates a new project from it.



So if you have a wedding client that inquires with you – gives you their name, date, budget, all the info – Honeybook will automatically create a project for you with all of that info in there!! No more needing to manually sort through inquiries and organize the information that clients type out. It’s all done FOR YOU!!



  • Questionnaires


I LOVEEEE using this feature so much!! You can send your clients questionnaires throughout your time working together, whether you want more info from them after they inquire/before they book, you want to get to know them more after they book, or you need details about the wedding once their date gets closer. 


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I use questionnaires to get to know my clients better, and they save me soooo many emails because I’m not emailing back & forth to ask certain questions/get certain info from my clients!


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Here are some examples of how you could use questionnaires in your biz:

  • Before a session – ask your clients if they’ve had photos taken before, what makes them most comfortable, what personality types they are, if they’re feeling nervous, what kind of location they’d prefer, etc.
  • Before a wedding – get all the specifics when the day gets closer! Are they doing a first look? What time is the ceremony? What vendors did they hire? Are they doing a sendoff?
  • Just to get to know them – do they have pets? Fave snacks (use this to get ideas for gifts for them, too!)? Fave shows/movies?


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  • Email templates & workflow integration


Email templates are THE biggest lifesaver, tbh. As a biz owner, you probably find yourself writing the same emails over and over – responding to inquiries, sending invoices, outfit tips for a session, etc etc.

With email templates, you can write each email ONCE and save it to use for every client after!! I like to have my email templates set up with everything I need to say, and then customize/personalize it for each client if I need to.


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And with workflows, you can set Honeybook up to AUTOMATICALLY send out certain email templates at certain times!! For example, if somebody inquires with you and your calendar is open for their date, you can set Honeybook to automatically send them an email response saying that you’re available. 


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You can also set up email templates in workflows and instead of automating them, have Honeybook remind you or tell you to approve the email before it’s sent. If you’re scared to automate right away, this is a great way to do it so that you get reminded when you need to send something & can edit the email if needed/make sure it’s good to go!


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This allows me to set up a great + smooth experience for all of my clients and not have to rely on my own brain remembering to email them at every phase. Instead, Honeybook reminds me🙌🏼


Why Honeybook is great for clients, too


Now not only is Honeybook great for you as a biz owner – it’s ALSO amazing for your clients!!


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Within Honeybook, you’re able to customize your “client portal” – which is where your clients will go to access everything you send them. They’ll receive a link to their portal from you, and then can go to that portal to access their contracts, invoices, questionnaires, etc. So not only is everything in one place for YOU – everything is also in one place for your clients on their end!


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And the best thing about Honeybook’s client portals? You can brand them!!


Upload your colors, fonts, & logos to make your client portals customized and easily recognizable as YOUR BRAND. This makes it a super cohesive experience for your clients from start to finish!


Honeybook vs. Dubsado: the main differences


If you’ve heard of Honeybook or CRM’s, you’ve probs heard of Dubsado, too!


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Dubsado is another popular CRM among business owner, and is great for its own reasons. I’ll walk you through the main differences between Honeybook & Dubsado so you can get a clear picture! You can do free trials of both and see which one you like better – ultimately I ended up with Honeybook obviously!



  • Easier invoicing
  • Mobile app available (this is a big one for me – the app is SO great for when you’re on the go!!)
  • More opportunities with brochures
  • Easier collaboration with teammates
  • Batch emails
  • Easier to set up
  • Gift cards



  • More robust workflows
  • No mobile app
  • No brochures – just proposals
  • You can add multiple brands to your Dubsado


Honeybook reviews


It’s always helpful for me when I’m making a big investment to see reviews + testimonials from a variety of people who use it!!



Here are some blogs that Honeybook has with real-life examples of biz owners who use and love Honeybook:

Honeybook pricing


Okayyyy now let’s talk $$!! That’s probably what you’ve been waiting for this whole time hahah.


How much does Honeybook cost?

Honeybook offers three plans:

  • The Starter Plan: $9/month

  • This is a new one that I LOVE! It’s meant for people who are just starting out with the system + setting everything up, and don’t want to use it to its full potential just yet.

  • Unlimited MONTHLY: $39/month

      • This is the plan that you’ll want once you’re ready to fully use Honeybook, if you want to pay monthly!
  • Unlimited ANNUAL: $390/year ($78 savings)

    • This is the same plan as the one above, except on annual payments and you save $78 (17%)!


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But keep reading to find out how to get Honeybook for WAYYYY cheaper!!


Honeybook promo code (discount!!)


As a Honeybook user + educator, I was lucky enough to receive a discount code to give you!! 


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Head to http://share.honeybook.com/kelseypasma or use the code “kelseypasma” at checkout to get a whole 50% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR!!! Yup – making your annual subscription only $195. Amazinggggg.


My biggest Honeybook tip


And let’s finish off with my biggest Honeybook tip: don’t let the setup overwhelm you!! 


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Setting up a CRM is a BIG task, and is super tedious and can be overwhelming. But once you’ve done that part, you will be good to go and trust me – it’ll all be worth it!


You can even hire somebody to help you set it up if you don’t want to/don’t have the time. So you don’t have to do it all yourself it you don’t want to!


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DM me @kelseypasma if you have any questions or want to know anything more about Honeybook – trust me, you won’t regret getting it! 


Now that you’ve got your CRM set up learn more about your brand pillars and how to use them within your business.



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